Knowledge is not only a public good, but a regional or international public good

Shamit Khemka says “To have a good management tomorrow, you should have better knowledge today”. Your success is based on 3 factors: knowledge, skills and ability. To be able, you should have skills. To be skillful, you should have knowledge. So knowledge plays a vital role in success. PPT : Advertisements

SynapseIndia- One stop destination for complete IT solutions

As a token of appreciation for great efforts & continuous loyalty, Founder & Director of SynapseIndia – Mr. Shamit Khemka announced to gift tablet phones to its employees. SynapseIndia is a one stop destination for complete IT solutions, service offerings ranging from web design & development to mobile app solution and much more. Read more … More SynapseIndia- One stop destination for complete IT solutions

Shamit Khemka, Esteemed member of EO

Recognizing the technical & management expertise in various business domains, Founder & Director of SynapseIndia and an esteemed member of EO New Delhi, Mr. Shamit Khemka was appointed as the Regional Director (2014-2016) by EO Global. Read more at: